Newsletter | March 28, 2024

03.28.24 -- Developing Cell & Gene Therapies: Optimization-By-Design, Analytical Ultracentrifugation, Candidate Screening, And Feasibility Studies

Readers of Life Science Connect communities tell us that our webinars are helpful, informative, and serve as valuable tools for evaluating solutions and suppliers. Below are just a few of the recent Cell & Gene webinars that have taken place on our communities.

Accelerating Rare Disease Treatments From Concept To Cure

Can an expedited approach be used to develop curative therapies for rare diseases? Access a thorough investigation that delves into the crucial factors for speeding up the development of curative therapies, highlighting the strategic contribution CDMOs can make in this process.

Optimization-By-Design: A Critical Factor In Viral Vector Scale Up

Inadequate preclinical planning and process development can stall advanced therapy development. Leveraging the expertise and capabilities of an experienced partner is a key factor in optimizing AAV processes using DoE, thereby reducing variability and risk.

Candidate Screening And Feasibility Studies For Viral Gene Therapies

To meet the demands of the early phase market, flexible viral vector drug candidate screening and feasibility studies can help to quickly overcome preclinical and Phase 1 hurdles. Explore how a strategic, effective approach for early stage development can propel therapies to the clinic and the market.

Identify And Quantify AAV Fill States Using Analytical Ultracentrifugation

Distinguish and determine the quantities of AAV species. Explore how to implement analysis using sedimentation velocity analytical ultracentrifugation (SV-AUC) to characterize AAV size distributions using multiple detection wavelengths to identify various fill states in AAV preparation.