Newsletter | May 3, 2024

05.03.24 -- Clinical Trial Software And Service Partners Ready To Help


Genome editing holds immense promise for treating genetic diseases, but off-target effects remain a significant concern. To ensure the safety and efficacy of genome editing therapies, researchers are developing various strategies to reduce off-target effects. Register today for the next Cell & Gene Live. Attendance is free thanks to the support of Bio-Techne.

Get It Right The First Time: Strategic Clinical Development

Veristat has helped solve challenges throughout the clinical development process. Our early, forward-looking planning can result in greater efficiency and a better understanding of key decisions and time points during your novel therapy development.

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Veristat, Inc.

Proven Success In Decentralized Oncology Trials

Discover how having complete visits in communities across the globe can lead to a wider diverse demographic of participants. Our decentralized clinical trial visits for oncology patients are specifically tailored to meet the needs of our clients, sites, and patients.

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MRN - Medical Research Network

Drug Development Consulting: Services For Success

Novotech Drug Development Consulting is a full-service global product development and strategic regulatory group providing comprehensive "lab to launch" program development services. We have the expertise to support projects over their entire lifecycle.

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The Business Case For EHR eSource In Clinical Trials

OpenClinica’s eSource solution, Unite™, can accelerate the study timeline by eliminating the expense of errors associated with manual abstraction of EHR data into clinical trial research databases (EDCs) and electronic case report forms (eCRFs).

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Clinical Research As A Delicate Ecosystem

Making the right outsourcing decision can significantly contribute to the success and growth of your program. Amidst the evolving terrain of clinical research, we are shaping a future grounded in integrity, transparency, and reliability.

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inSeption Group