Chemically Defined, Serum-Free Media & Custom Media

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OptiPEAK® T Lymphocyte

Cultured cells and cell products destined for cell and gene therapy or other clinical cGMP applications must meet the highest standards for manufacturing quality, safety, performance, consistency, and efficiency. InVitria has carefully optimized its animal-free, serum-free, chemically defined media formulations for clinically and industrially significant cultured cell lines. The OptiPEAK Complete product line takes the guesswork out of transitioning quickly and painlessly to serum-reduced or serum-free cell culture for your RUO or cGMP needs.

The OptiPEAK line currently includes:

OptiPEAK HEK293t Complete Media: optimized to promote superior expansion kinetics of adherent HEK293t, both in tissue culture and in scalable bioreactor format for clinical and commercial manufacturing. This media is ideal for cell growth as well as for regulatory-friendly production of adeno-associated viral vectors (AAV) and lentiviral vectors for gene therapy applications. Currently in development: HEK293 suspension culture.

OptiPEAK T-lymphocyte Complete Media: optimized for expansion of T cell subsets; regulatory-friendly option for clinical manufacturing of cells for CAR-T or other T-cell-based adoptive cell transfer applications. Yields consistent expansion of T cells comparable to cells in 5% human serum and greater than cells in 10% fetal bovine serum, with CD4+ and CD8+ ratios comparable to cells grown in human and bovine serum.

OptiVERO Complete Media: optimized for expansion and maintenance of adherent VERO cells in tissue culture flask and 3D plastic microcarriers. Regulatory-friendly option for production of clinically relevant viral particles during vaccine manufacturing (e.g., attenuated Dengue, Influenza and Zika viruses).

OptiPEAK Media Optimization & Customization Services
Let InVitria help you discover how much further you can push cell growth, cell performance, expansion of primary-cell subsets and phenotypes, or viral titer in serum-reduced or serum-free culture. Starting with your needs and performance objectives, InVitria offers the experience and know-how to help you take advantage of its full line of animal-free, serum-free, recombinant individual cell-culture components. Our Product Development team is ready to help you build a Blood-Free and chemically defined medium optimized for your cell type and application.