CellPrime® rAlbumin

Millipore CellPrime

CellPrime® rAlbumin is expressed in Pichia pastoris from a gene construct that encodes a non-glycosylated human albumin.

CellPrime® rAlbumin is geared towards applications in vaccine and viral therapies (VVT), cell & gene therapy (C>) as well as biomanufacturing in certain human cell lines. CellPrime® rAlbumin is suitable for the supplementation of a diverse number of cell culture media, used to grow stem cells, T-lymphocytes in applications such as CAR T, as well as established cell lines used in the manufacturing of vaccines.

This product mitigates against fortuitous viral and TSE/BSE contaminations in human and animal origin albumin, respectively. It provides Biopharmaceutical manufacturers with a safe alternative to animal and human serum fractionated albumin in the manufacturing processes described above. CellPrime® rAlbumin aligns with our total viral safety assurance strategy: Prevent, Detect, Remove.

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