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05.15.24 -- Assessing pDNA Purity For Cell & Gene Therapies


Genome editing holds immense promise for treating genetic diseases, but off-target effects remain a significant concern. To ensure the safety and efficacy of genome editing therapies, researchers are developing various strategies to reduce off-target effects. Register today for the next Cell & Gene Live. Attendance is free thanks to the support of Bio-Techne.


Crafting An Effective Commercialization Strategy For CGTs

Patient access and manufacturing efficiency persist as barriers to widespread adoption of CGTs. An effective commercialization strategy is crucial to expand access to these life-changing therapies.

#2 Warning Sign In Outsourcing Vendors: Lack Of Oversight And Process

Understand why the depth of management is typically less about ensuring your trial progresses smoothly and more about hiding the CRO’s deficiencies or appeasing its own stakeholders.

Cryopreservation Best Practices For CGT Source Material

Industry experts share their experiences, including why and how cellular source materials are cryopreserved and why experience across cell types and methods matters.

Leveraging A Dynamic Partnership To Revolutionize Nucleic Acid Drugs

Nucleic acid drugs hold the potential to target diseases by harnessing the power of DNA and RNA. Explore how strategic partnerships are enabling the transformative possibilities of these drugs.

Secure And Industrialize Your Process Towards cGMP Manufacturing

Learn the principles of commercialization readiness and guidance to address them in process development as well as the best time to implement automation and minimize commercialization risks.


Assessing pDNA Purity For Cell And Gene Therapies

Plasmid DNA (pDNA) finds applications in gene therapies, vaccines, and RNA therapeutics. Throughout the developmental journey, meticulous assessment of potential impurities is paramount at every stage.

Do Patients Face Genetic Risks With Pooled Donor Manufacturing?

This segment from the Cell & Gene Live digital event Stem-Cell Derived Therapies: From Source To Site, delves into the potential risk to patients when transplanting pooled allogeneic stem cells.


Partnering With You At Every Stage – Preclinical Through Commercial Scale

Lentiviral Vector Development And GMP Manufacturing

Enabling Breakthroughs In Cell And Gene Therapies

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