Aseptic Processing Services

Aseptic Processing Services

We are internationally recognized as experts in advanced aseptic processing and risk-based isolation and barrier technologies. Our experience, awareness and understanding of industry trends places importance on time-to-market, plant flexibility and cost control to avoid costly project delays and minimize risk.

  • 300+ Years of Combined Aseptic Processing Experience
  • Worldwide Aseptic Design Capabilities; Successfully Completed Aseptic Projects on 5 Continents; Placed over $3B in Aseptic Capital Projects
  • Breadth of Experience: Quality, Engineering, Aseptic Production, Packaging, Maintenance, Validation, Development and Regulatory
  • Strategic Business Planning for Advanced Aseptic Processing
  • Compliance Risk Evaluations and Assessments
  • Outstanding Relationships with Respected Aseptic Processing Equipment Vendors
  • Using Sterile Enclosure Technology for OEL Containment and Performing Aseptic Manipulations such as liquids into nested syringes
  • Experienced in the application of FDA, EU Annex 1, Canada, China, Japan, Brazil and World Health Organization Regulations and Guidance
  • Designed and Upgraded over 20 Filling / Capping Lines to meet EU Annex 1 guidance.
  • Advanced Aseptic Team of Subject Matter Experts who Lecture Worldwide and Contribute to Prominent Industry Publications
  • Knowledge of State-of-the-Art Advanced Aseptic, RABS and Isolation/Barrier Technologies

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