Newsletter | March 15, 2023

03.15.23 -- Artificial Intelligence And Automation -- Why It's Time To Rethink Your Single Cell Seeding Workflow


Electronic Records, Data Integrity And Compliance: What Every Lab Should Know

Although FDA 21 CFR Part 11 allows life science organizations to use e-records in place of paper, a piece of software by itself cannot be compliant. Any critical software must be supported by a properly conceived and performed validation project, normally following current GMPs. Learn how to develop and perform GMP validation.

VIPS PRO - Automated Single Cell Seeding With Clonal Assurance

This ergonomically designed, space-saving instrument provides confirmation of clonality, high-quality imaging, sophisticated data management, and GMP-friendly features. Learn how VIPS PRO’s powerful seeding technology gently and efficiently dispenses cells, reducing hands-on time and compressing timelines from months to days.

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Cell Metric X - Clonal Imager With AI-Powered Cell Detection

Learn about a clonal imager that delivers faster, easier clonality verification on day 0 to accelerate your path to IND submission — with zero compromise in quality. With the power of artificial intelligence-based automated evidence of clonality (AEC), CHO, HEK, and iPSC cells are identified automatically and without user bias.

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High-Contrast Clonal Imager With Walk-Away Automation

Streamline your process with a clonal imager that sets the standard for high-contrast imaging. CHO, HEK, and iPSC cells are identified automatically on day 0 without user bias, due to artificial intelligence-based Automated Evidence of Clonality (AEC). Reduce time and effort with artificial intelligence driven AEC.

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STUDIUS - Integrated Cell Line Development Data Management Platform

Discover data management for the highest level of consistency across the cell line development workflow from a combination of secure sample/clone-centric tracking and a common data management system, which ensures maintenance of raw data integrity and elimination of transcriptional errors.

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OsmoTECH HT - Automated Plate Based Micro-Osmometer

With increasing timeline pressures to get biopharmaceutical candidates into therapeutic use, optimizing osmolality testing to reduce hands-on time is critical. The OsmoTECH HT high-throughput plate-based micro-osmometer is designed to meet these needs. Learn more about the OsmoTECH HT and how it will transform your lab workflow for osmolality testing.

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