From The Editor | March 20, 2019

ARM's Cell & Gene Investor Day 2019

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Today, March 21st, is ARM’s 7th Annual Cell & Gene Investor Day. The New York City-based one-day event provides institutional, strategic, and venture investors with unique insight into financing opportunities for cell and gene therapy-based treatment and tools.

Today’s meeting will include panel discussions on the investment outlook for cell and gene therapies. Each panel discussion will feature several industry luminaries from all aspects of the sector. In addition, Cell & Gene Investor Day will feature concurrent tracks showcasing presentations by various biopharma companies, including bluebird bio, Sangamo Therapeutics and Philadelphia-based Carisma Therapeutics. The event will conclude with a networking reception.

Next week, I will be posting to Cell& Gene the one-on-one conversations I’ll have with ARM’s CEO, Janet Lambert; Reni Benjamin, Ph.D., Managing Director and Senior Biotechnology Analyst at Raymond James; and Bruno Marques, Ph.D., Senior Director, Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing Strategy at GSK.

Janet and I will discuss the event overall — the key topics that were discussed and how these topics impact the various stakeholders in the sector. We’ll also cover takeaways and interesting highlights to come out of the event.

Dr. Reni Benjamin and I will cover the major themes that were addressed in the Fireside Chat he’s moderating, The Investment Outlook for the Cell and Gene Space. Dr. Benjamin will be speaking with Elona Baum, Managing Director, DEFTA Partners; Matthew Gline, Chief Financial Officer, Roivant Sciences; Dennis Purcell, Founder and Senior Advisor, Aisling Capital; and Patrick Rivers, Principal, Aquilo Capital Management.

GSK's Dr. Bruno Marques and I will cover the major topics and key takeaways from the panel discussion in which he's a speaker, Gene Therapy Manufacturing.

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