Fast Purification - ÄKTA pure Chromatography System

Source: Cytiva
ÄKTA pure

ÄKTA pure™ is a flexible and intuitive chromatography system for fast purification of proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids from microgram levels to tens of grams of target product in research scale applications. ÄKTA pure™ is a reliable system where hardware and UNICORN™ system control software are designed to work together with columns and media to meet any purification challenge.

Choose from two flow rate ranges and four hardware configurations. Or customize with 20 other options to meet your needs for fractionation, sample loading, and more.

Choose ÄKTA pure™ 25 with a flow rate of up to 25 mL/min or ÄKTA pure™ 150 with a flow rate of up to 150 mL/min. ÄKTA pure™ L has a fixed wavelength UV monitor (280 nm) while ӒKTA pure™ T adds to the L model for complex purification needs with a dual fixed wavelength (260 and 280 nm) detector. For those who want the most flexibility, ÄKTA pure™ M has a three-wavelength UV monitor for simultaneous capture of 3 UV signals (between 190 and 700 nm). For micro preparative columns, the ÄKTA pure™ micro system has an optimized flow path for minimal hold-up volumes for microscale purification.