Newsletter | April 30, 2024

04.30.24 -- Achieve Peak Performance: Optimize Your Bioprocessing Workflow

Optimizing mAb Production: Temperature And Osmolality’s Impact

Temperature plays an important role in cell culture, as it can affect cell growth and viability. Osmolality indicates the osmotic pressure condition in the cell culture and impacts cell growth and metabolism. Explore the effects of simultaneously adjusting temperature and osmolality on the generation of HCPs, antibody yield, and cell growth.


Enhancing Efficiency And Accuracy In Cell Line Development

Researchers in the field of cell line development are constantly faced with the dual challenges of upholding high-throughput efficiency and ensuring clonality. Gain insight into the latest advancements in high-resolution multiplane whole well imaging and the impact of AI-powered image analysis on clonality decisions and optimal clone selection.


A Framework For Controlling Variability And Optimizing Assay Performance

Employing a process optimization approach to assay development involves breaking down the assay workflow into smaller modules and then measuring and optimizing each module individually using MVS technology. By applying process optimization throughout the assay workflow, you can improve overall assay performance.


Osmolality: A Concentration Measurement Method For Key Buffers

Osmolality is a measurement of the moles of solute per kg of water and, therefore, is expected to be relatively unaffected by the type of molecule, degree of ionization, or pH. This study evaluates osmolality as an orthogonal measurement and assesses how it compares to pH and conductivity measurements in bioprocesses.


An Easy Approach To Optimizing An Automated Liquid Handler

Automated liquid handlers are important for automating a wide range of assay workflows, intended to minimize hands-on time and reproducibility errors that might be experienced with manual pipetting. Explore an ideal liquid class optimization process using a suitable mimic for commercially available plasma on an automated liquid handler.



An All-In-One Solution For Protein Biologics Screening

Discover an all-in-one solution for clone and protein biologics characterization. This single instrument measures titer, viable cell density, and specific productivity in the cell line development of therapeutic antibodies and enables the seamless identification of the highest-performing clones.

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