Haro Hartounian

Dr. Haro Hartounian leads the NJII’s Biopharma Division, working with colleagues in industry and academia to help biopharmaceutical companies transform discovery into commercial production. He has 30 years experience in biotechnology working for companies such as DuPont, Monsanto, SkyePharma and Vyteris. He contributed to three FDA-approved product launches ⁠— DepoCyt and DepoMorphine. He also founded the companies MicroIslet, Protagenic Therapeutics, and DiaVacs and has worked in a variety of product lines ⁠— including cell therapy, oncology, women’s health, pain management and drug delivery. Visit www.biocentriq.com or email biopharma@njii.com to reach him or learn more about the work underway at NJII.


  • Advances In Manufacturing Key To Making Cell And Gene Therapies Accessible

    For innovative and novel therapies to become accessible to the patients who desperately need them, they must successfully move through all phases of clinical trial and ultimately, prove to be commercially viable. The challenges in the development and manufacturing of cell and gene therapies are not insignificant, however.