• ÄKTA avant Chromatography System

    ÄKTA avant is a preparative chromatography system intended for method and process development. Available in two versions, ÄKTA avant systems have different flow rate/pressure specifications but share the same hardware setup.

  • ÄKTA Pilot 600 Chromatography System For Compact Scalability

    Scaling down size, scaling up capabilities

    Cost and speed are critical components in biomanufacturing. A compact chromatography system easily adjusted to fit projects needs can help you stay on top of this—whether you are developing a process or manufacturing at pilot scale.

  • Modular Chromatography System For Liquid Chromatography

    Chromatography system for process scale-up and large-scale biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

    The BioProcess Modular System can be configured to meet specific downstream process demands. It has the accuracy and documentation required for use in GMP-regulated environments. The system design facilitates technology transfer and process scale-up.

  • Process Chromatography BioProcess™ Modular System

    The BioProcess Modular System is an automated liquid chromatography system built for process scale-up and large-scale biopharmaceutical manufacturing. The system can be configured to meet specific process demands and has the accuracy and documentation required for the use in GMP-regulated environments.

  • Avantor: Setting Science In Motion

    As a supplier for the largest biopharmaceutical manufacturers in the world, Avantor® is trusted to provide the products, services, solutions and expertise necessary to quickly and confidently move through research and production.  

  • Avantor OmniTop Sample Tubes Adjustable Volume Sampling System (AVSS)

    Enhance the effectiveness of your sampling process with the Avantor OmniTop Sample Tubes adjustable volume sampling system (AVSS). Designed so you can obtain exact volume samples from your most critical processes.

  • Avantor Bioprocessing Solutions

    From cell line development and culture to complete fill and finish - solutions that enable your process.

  • Avantor Single-Use Solutions

    From discovery to delivery, Avantor is a global manufacturer and distributor of high-quality products, services and solutions to professionals in the life sciences and advanced technologies industries. We focus on the things that matter most to you, providing exceptional convenience, collaboration and customization to help ensure your success.

  • Bioprocess Sampling Case Study

    A vaccine manufacturer required a novel process sampling solution for taking multiple conical tube samples at varying time points. Avantor designed, prototyped, and commercialized a GMPcompliant, customized single-use solution. Once integrated into the customer’s work stream the customer saw an increase in process efficiency and sterility assurance almost immediately.

  • Bioprocess Media Pooling Case Study

    A biologic drug manufacturer was experiencing contamination issues due to an open media pooling process. A sterile, closed-system was designed and the customer realized process efficiency by removing the need for a biosafety cabinet, and the operator was able to open and manipulate the pre-sterilized assemblies in a more comfortable, ergonomic setting.