• Your Cell And Gene Therapy Journey: From Discovery To Commercialization

    Thermo Fisher Scientific connects you with the technical expertise, regulatory guidance, and custom or off-the-shelf solutions you need to overcome obstacles, streamline processes and advance your cell and gene therapies.

  • Connect To The Future Of Gene Therapy

    Advanced in gene therapy provide hope in the fight against genetic diseases for patients everywhere. More innovative, more effective, and less invasive delivery methods are under development now, meaning that the future therapeutic implications are almost limitless. Here is the story of gene therapy research ... will you be writing the next chapters?

  • Connect To The Future Of Cell Therapy

    Cell therapy is already being used to save lives, and holds the promise to treat and even permanently cure previously intractable diseases. The door is now open for life-changing clinical applications, and the field of cell therapy offers significant promise. Here is the story of cell therapy research and development ... how will you write the next chapters?

  • Autologous CAR T Cell Manufacturing Using A Semiautomatic, Closed, Modular Workflow

    Errors, lot-to-lot variation, and contamination can be associated with open processing and manual handling of CAR T products. Overcoming the bioprocessing bottleneck remains a critical challenge in CAR T cell therapy scalability, which can potentially hinder both product development and patient access. This paper explains how the closed modular system developed by Thermo Fisher Scientific is a digitally compatible, GMP-compliant, semiautomated manufacturing platform that can offer consistent, efficacious CAR T cell production.

  • How To Build A Robust Packaging Strategy For Rapid Commercialization

    Look at the elements involved in building a robust packaging strategy and the key technical considerations in packaging design and operational planning for products of various sizes.

  • Optimize Next-Gen Manufacturing Video

    Watch the available video to learn more about the team that led the industrialization of the most notable FDA-approved advanced therapies—and then created the world’s largest cell and gene therapy manufacturing footprint. 

  • Solutions For Cold-Chain Handling: PTFE Containment Is A Viable Option For Temperature Sensitive Drug Substance Protection

    Drug manufacturers seeking a more robust solution for single-use cold-chain containers are looking to options made with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fluoropolymers, which may be less susceptible to failure and breakage at cold temperatures.

  • How To Limit The Use Of Serum In Viral Processes: A Gibco Perspective

    Vaccine manufacturing targeting animal and human prophylaxis has relied heavily on the use of fetal bovine sera (FBS) to reach adequate titers in mammalian cell culture processes. Safety concerns, lack of process robustness, costs of qualification and storage are some of the main challenges faced while using serum. In this poster we identify four approaches to limit the use of serum in viral processes.

  • High-Intensity Perfusion CHO Medium: Get High Titers With A Variety Of CHO Cell Lines

    Gibco™ High-Intensity Perfusion (HIP) CHO Medium is formulated to provide exceptional performance in perfusion processes. It supports high cell density of more than 100 million cells/mL at 1 vessel volume/day (VVD) continuous perfusion. This high-performing medium is supported by the largest global manufacturing network, so you can focus on getting your product to market.

  • The Quality Benefits Of Perfusion

    Perfusion is a cell culture method that involves the exchange of spent and fresh medium. Some biologics manufacturers use it to help boost productivity, save footprint space, and improve quality. Did you know that perfusion can help the quality of your biologic product?