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  1. Manufacturing Facility Will Meet Needs Of Cell & Gene Trials

    Abeona Therapeutics is developing investigational gene and cell therapies for people living with serious and rare diseases. Last year, Abeona held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the groundbreaking of a manufacturing facility that is one year later producing gene therapy material for their clinical and pre-clinical programs. As is the norm with gene therapy, Abeona uses a virus as vehicles to deliver functional copies of defective genes.

  2. Dr. Aaron Levine On FDA’s Statement About Dubious Stem Cell Clinics

    Last month, the FDA released a statement by former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., and Biologics Center Director Peter Marks, M.D., Ph.D. on FDA’s continued efforts to stop stem cell clinics and manufacturers from marketing unapproved products that put patients at risk. I caught up with Dr. Aaron Levine, Associate Professor, School of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology to get his take on the statement and how dubious players affect the good of the cell and gene sector.         

  3. Why Is Indication Crowding A Concern?

    Just recently, I interviewed Dr. Reni Benjamin, Managing Director, Biotechnology Equity Research at Raymond James & Associates about the panel he moderated at ARM’s 2019 Cell & Gene Therapy Investor Day. In the article, Dr. Benjamin explained how investors are thinking about the cell and gene therapy space in 2019.

  4. Attending ASGCT’s 22nd Annual Meeting?

    The ASGCT 22nd Annual Meeting will begin on the morning of Monday, April 29, 2019 and continue through 12:15 PM on Thursday, May 2, 2019. Exhibits will be open Monday, April 29 through Wednesday, May 1.

  5. What Investors Want: 7 Key Components To Raising Capital

    ARM’s 2019 Cell & Gene Therapy Investor Day featured expert-led panels to help the audience wrap their minds around the investment outlook for the cell and gene therapy space. One such panel, aptly titled, “The Investment Outlook for the Cell and Gene Space,” was comprised of investors from DEFTA Partners, Roivant Sciences, Aisling Capital, and Aquilo Capital Management. Dr. Reni Benjamin, Managing Director, Biotechnology Equity Research at Raymond James & Associates moderated the panel.

  6. ARM’s Lambert Recaps 2019 Cell And Gene Investor Day

    ARM’s 2019 Cell and Gene Investor Day took place on March 21st in New York, NY. Now in its seventh year, Investor Day provides insight into financing opportunities for cell and gene therapy-based treatment and tools. I caught up with ARM’s CEO and Cell & Gene Editorial Advisory Board member, Janet Lambert, after the event to discuss top takeaways, near-term financing opportunities, and more.

  7. ARM’s Cell & Gene Investor Day 2019

    Today, March 21st, is ARM’s 7th Annual Cell & Gene Investor Day. The New York City-based one-day event provides institutional, strategic, and venture investors with unique insight into financing opportunities for cell and gene therapy-based treatment and tools.

  8. 3 Business Challenges from the CDMO’s Perspective

    Partnering with a CDMO that marries innovation with technical, regulatory, and manufacturing experience can be cell therapy and gene therapy companies’ best opportunity for scalability and yet their biggest hurdle. From process development through commercial supply and all the steps in between, cell and gene therapy companies expect CDMOs to meet an understandably high bar.

  9. News Round-Up: Gottlieb Steps Down, Roche-Spark Tx

    What a week. As you know, The Washington Post broke the news of Scott Gottlieb’s resignation as FDA Commissioner — the news, while not entirely unexpected, shot disappointment and concern through the entire healthcare industry. Nancy Bradish Myers, JD, president of Catalyst Healthcare Consulting penned an article for Cell & Gene that explains the silver lining of Gottlieb’s exit.

  10. 4 Unique Demands Of A Gene Therapy Supply Chain

    In Part 2 of my conversation with Ryan Bartock, Head of Supply Chain and Network Strategy at Spark Therapeutics, he addresses the unique demands of a gene therapy supply chain.