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  1. ARM’s Cell & Gene Investor Day 2019

    Today, March 21st, is ARM’s 7th Annual Cell & Gene Investor Day. The New York City-based one-day event provides institutional, strategic, and venture investors with unique insight into financing opportunities for cell and gene therapy-based treatment and tools.

  2. 3 Business Challenges from the CDMO’s Perspective

    Partnering with a CDMO that marries innovation with technical, regulatory, and manufacturing experience can be cell therapy and gene therapy companies’ best opportunity for scalability and yet their biggest hurdle. From process development through commercial supply and all the steps in between, cell and gene therapy companies expect CDMOs to meet an understandably high bar.

  3. News Round-Up: Gottlieb Steps Down, Roche-Spark Tx

    What a week. As you know, The Washington Post broke the news of Scott Gottlieb’s resignation as FDA Commissioner — the news, while not entirely unexpected, shot disappointment and concern through the entire healthcare industry. Nancy Bradish Myers, JD, president of Catalyst Healthcare Consulting penned an article for Cell & Gene that explains the silver lining of Gottlieb’s exit.

  4. 4 Unique Demands Of A Gene Therapy Supply Chain

    In Part 2 of my conversation with Ryan Bartock, Head of Supply Chain and Network Strategy at Spark Therapeutics, he addresses the unique demands of a gene therapy supply chain.

  5. Inside PDA’s Technical Report No. 81

    Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) recently released Technical Report No. 81, “Cell-Based Therapy Control Strategy,” written by PDA’s Cell and Gene Therapy Task Force. Michael Blackton, Global Head of Quality at adaptimmune and PDA’s Co-Chair of the Cell and Gene Therapy Interest Group co-authored the report. Blackton’s also a member of the Biopharmaceutical Advisory Board and International Board of Directors. Here, he breaks down Technical Report No. 81 and explains the report’s biggest takeaways.

  6. Spark’s Bartock On Streamlining The Supply Chain

    I caught up with Ryan Bartock, Head of Supply Chain and Network Strategy at Spark Therapeutics, to talk through some of the gene therapy sector’s heftiest supply chain challenges. In Part 1 of a 2 part series, hear what advice he has for pharma, bio executives, and CMOs to successfully manage and even streamline the supply chain.

  7. Sneak Peek: The Unique Challenges Of Cell And Gene Supply Chains

    Two of the field’s most valuable luminaries representing both academia and industry — Dr. Bruce Levine and Simon Ellison, ISCT Commercialization Committee — discuss determining how CMOs can and should successfully manage cell and gene therapy supply chains.

  8. Philadelphia: The Cell And Gene Therapy Sector’s New Normal

    Being a Greater Philadelphia Area resident affords me the opportunity to meet and collaborate with scientists, doctors, researchers, and other highly skilled professionals knee-deep in the cell and gene therapy sector. From the University of Pennsylvania to CHOP to Spark Therapeutics to Tmunity and many, many more, Philadelphia not only continues to shine as the geographical standout for innovation and continuous forward movement for cell and gene therapies but also as the smart economical choice for SMEs in the field.

  9. Adaptimmune’s VP QA CMC Talks Quality Management

    One conversation with Michael Blackton, VP QA CMC at Adaptimmune, proves why he is known for being a passionate, results-oriented leader focused on QA, analytical development, and more. Validate for yourself as Blackton answers my questions about process development and quality management. And, he provides a fresh outlook on recruiting senior-level executives.  

  10. The Status of Regulatory Framework For Cell And Gene Therapies

    Jiwen Zhang, Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs at Tmunity Therapeutics Incorporated and Cell & Gene Editorial Advisory Board member explains the status of the cell and gene sector’s domestic and international regulatory framework. As President of the International Standards Coordinating Body (SCB), she also provides a synopsis of the most recent Stakeholder meeting.