At GE Healthcare Life Sciences, we accelerate precision medicine by helping researchers, pharmaceutical companies and clinicians discover and make new medicines and therapies. We provide expertise, technology and services for a wide range of areas within the life sciences industry, including the manufacture of contrast agents for diagnostic imaging, basic research of cells and proteins and technologies that enable large-scale manufacturing of vaccines, biologics and cell therapy. The emergence of cell therapy as a frontline treatment for challenging diseases, including cancer, is rapidly changing the healthcare landscape. Our Cell Therapy business provides the tools, technology and processes to enable customers from pharmaceutical manufacturing as part of our Cell Processing segment, to clinicians and technicians in our Cell Banking and Point of Care business segments. We are investing in the field for the long-term, and partnering with pharma, biotech and clinical researchers. GE brings expertise in quality, global distribution, research and development and regulatory that will transform cell therapy from small-scale treatment to a globally-accessible personalized medicine. www.gelifesciences.com/celltherapy


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