Newsletter | November 12, 2020

11.12.20 -- Tips For Scalability Success In Viral Vectors

Addressing The Challenge Of Scalability In Viral Vectors

Early viral vector process development for cell and gene therapies is critical to ensure a production strategy that supports commercial needs. View this webinar to learn the importance of planning for scalability and manufacturability from the earliest stages of process development and how a scalable templated process can reduce time needed to move from product development to commercialization. 

The Importance Of Scalability In Viral Vectors

Gene therapy has the potential to change countless patients’ lives. Diseases that lacked cures or even treatments may be addressed with these new classes of therapeutics. This potential has spurred new investments in the drug development and commercialization space.

Process Development For Viral Vector Manufacturing

Process development is a crucial step in viral vector manufacturing and a successful CDMO partnership can help navigate the challenges associated with scaling your viral vector. This infographic outlines the history of gene therapy and presents critical factors that need to be taken into consideration for a successful path to commercialization. It also explains how to enhance speed-to-market and improve quality with a templated process.

Most Important Factors When Scaling Up Your Viral Vector Therapy

Early in the development of viral vector gene therapies it’s critical to design a strategy that supports commercial needs based on clinical indication, patient population size, and dosing requirements. This video reveals the most important factors to consider when scaling up.

Robust Harvest Clarification For Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors Via Depth Filtration

This article demonstrates that depth filters clarify AAV vectors, helping to overcome the unique separation challenges presented by these important vectors for gene therapy.