Newsletter | November 18, 2022

11.18.22 -- The Future Of mAb Manufacturing

Accelerating mAb Development To Meet Increase In mAb Approvals

The number of mAb drugs making it to market will continue to rise, due to the increase seen in FDA approvals of mAb drugs with specific therapeutic indications. To accelerate the delivery of lifesaving therapeutics, it is essential to evaluate ways to maximize efficiencies, while minimizing risk, to stay up to speed with the growing demand.

Enhance The Cost-Effectiveness Of Your cGMP Chemical Supply Chain

Supply chain issues have real, quantifiable impacts on biomanufacturers. Learn more about inclusions for your total cost of ownership, calculations to consider for cGMP chemical supply chain TCO, and how one midsize CDMO improved cGMP chemical supply by outsourcing.

Improve Productivity In CHO-K1, CHO-S, And DG44 Cells

We evaluated the performance of Efficient-Pro Medium and Feeds using CHO-K1, CHO-S, and DG44 cells and compared it to another supplier’s commercially available basal medium and two-part feed. The cell lines were evaluated in a 14-day fed-batch IgG productivity study with cell growth, viability, titer, and specific productivity assessed at multiple time points.

Deliver Product Quality, Enhance Productivity In CHO-K1, CHO-S Cells

Once a therapeutic antibody is identified and successfully produced at development scales, manufacturers often consider enhancing productivity as the next challenge for scale-up. Early identification of a robust, commercially available, optimized platform medium and cell line-specific feed could be the key to achieving strong productivity and delivering product to market faster.

Single-Use Solutions For Research And Process Development

More than ever, biomanufacturers are seeking support to quickly and efficiently produce a variety of therapies to meet the growing population’s needs. SUT has consistently provided flexibility and efficiency, yet it has its fair share of weaknesses. Explore the potential benefits a modularized and standardized single-use manifold design could provide your organization.