Newsletter | January 31, 2023

01.31.23 -- Supply Chain Tips For CGT Startups

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Industry Insights
12 Strategies To Accelerate Facility Design And Construction In Drug Manufacturing

Learn 12 strategies and solutions for accelerating the design and construction process that can yield record-breaking delivery times.

When The hMSC Meets The AAV

Learn more about plausible benefits of AAV’s use in concert with hMSCs, and how a complete genetic engineering medium was expanded beyond lentivirus.

Evolving Trends To Watch For In The Cell And Gene Therapy Landscape

We provide a landscape analysis of the industry with a future lens through which we highlight three key insights for C & GT.

Comprehensive Characterization Of An Engineered Cas9 Protein And Its PTMs

Explore an LC-MS/MS approach applied for a comprehensive characterization of an engineered Cas9 protein that achieved >95% sequence coverage and confident identification of PTMs.

Transitioning To Droplet Digital PCR For Mycoplasma Detection

Mycoplasma-free batches are critical for patient safety. Here we provide a starting point for transitioning from qPCR to Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR) for Mycoplasma testing.

Expanding The Characterization Toolkit With FFF-MALS: Developments, Techniques, And Applications

Learn how FFF-MALS measurement techniques are applied to a variety of biotherapeutics and functionally relevant polymers, proteins, and complexes. 

Industry Trends: Clinical Logistics Outsourcing

Understanding industry trends, market dynamics, and the selection criteria decision makers apply when choosing a clinical logistics service provider informs and contextualizes outsourcing decisions.

Getting Your Investigational Drug Regulatory Ready

Explore some basic information to help you approach regulatory policies along with helpful strategies to facilitate efficient regulatory review and drug approval.

Next Gen Plasmid Technology: Improving Performance, Safety, Manufacturing

Nanoplasmids have paved the way for facilitating a wide range of cell and gene therapeutic applications. Gain an overview of a novel technology and specific benefits.

How Is A Slow Economy Helping Scaling Biotechs Find Space?

Many biotech companies have begun subleasing excess space, giving smaller, scaling companies an opportunity to get the space they need with more flexible leases. Learn how these deals work.

CQV Strategies To Optimize Cell Therapy Manufacturing

In this webinar, learn tips from a panel of industry experts for delivering efficient, reliable, GMP-compliant facilities and processes specific to cell therapy.

Future Technologies For Cell & Gene Therapy

Advanced therapies have been a significant disruptor in healthcare. Explore cutting-edge technologies, their effectiveness, and what we as a sector must still overcome to bring these treatments to the patient.

SUS Design For Cryogenic Cold Temperature Operations

Cryogenic operations play a critical role in many processes. Join Ross Acucena, applications director, as he discusses single-use system design for cGMP cryogenic operations.

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