Newsletter | August 24, 2020

08.24.20 -- Strategies To Reduce Gene Therapy COGs And Improve Timelines

Reducing Cost Of Goods For Gene Therapy

There has been much progress in moving potentially life-saving gene therapies to the market, however they remain extremely costly to produce. Frost & Sullivan recently invited industry leaders to participate in a new thought leadership forum, Virtual Think Tank, to discuss key challenges and other insights related to reducing the cost of goods (COGs) for gene therapy.

Regulatory Challenges For Viral Vectors For Cell And Gene Therapy

Frost & Sullivan recently invited leading minds with viral vector experience in cell and gene therapy to participate in a thought-leadership forum, the Virtual Think Tank (VTT) series. This forum brought together industry leaders in this emerging field to discuss the current state of regulatory issues around viral vector manufacturing, key challenges, and other insights related to viral vectors.

4 Critical Processes Impacting Cost Of Goods For Gene Therapy

Many gene therapies rely on plasmids and viral vectors. There is an urgent need to drive down the costs of these critical components. Learn about the critical steps that impact cost and process innovations for viral vector manufacturing.

Developing A New Biologic Drug: Regulatory Challenges And Considerations

The journey from research lab to market is a long one, and most drug candidates do not make it. This article provides some tips to assist with up-front planning to prevent headaches down the road.

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