Newsletter | February 19, 2021

02.19.21 -- Strategies To Drive Commercial Readiness In Cell Therapies

Overcoming Commercialization Challenges For Cell And Gene Therapies

The early promise offered by cell therapies and gene therapies is tempered by the challenges associated with developing, manufacturing, and delivering the drug product to patients. This panel discussion highlights technical and regulatory hurdles associated with development and manufacturing steps, and strategies and solutions to facilitate development through commercialization.

How To Commercially Scale T-Cell Allogeneic Therapies

This webinar discusses an innovative manufacturing methodology and fill/finish approach to accelerate T-cell therapies to the commercial readiness phase.

Manufacturing Innovation Across New Modalities

The successful outcomes delivered by cell and gene therapies coupled with the emergence of modalities across nucleic acid therapeutics and microbiomes pose the next challenge for innovators to make these new modalities available at scale. This webinar reviews and presents key areas of technology innovation that have the potential to reshape how these advanced therapeutics are manufactured at scale.