Newsletter | June 21, 2022

06.21.22 -- Saving You Time Throughout Bioprocessing And Cell Line Development

Understanding The Impact Of Osmolality Within Formulation, Improving Current Processes, And Protecting CQAs

Osmolality can play a significant role in developing formulations as new drug classes and compositions are being investigated, as well as helping to maintain specifications during the fill/finish process. This webinar focuses on the impact and importance of measuring osmolality during this phase of the workflow.

Improving Titer, Quality, And Efficiency Of AAV Manufacturing

This study provides preliminary evidence for impact on overall yield, and quality of the adeno-associated virus 1 (AAV), due to a timed osmolality shift with and without a feeding step. Learn more about how the optimization of osmolality has the potential to decrease the time, effort, and cost required within viral vector manufacturing and production.

High-Efficiency Single-Cell Cloning Of iPSCs Using Combination Of MatriClone And VIPS

Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) have become a major focus in nearly all disease areas and a vehicle for future therapeutics, especially when combined with gene editing technologies. Review an effective turnkey solution for generating significantly more viable iPSC clones per plate along with image documentation for their clonal derivation.

Robust Workflow For Single Cell Cloning Of iPSCs For Making cGMP Master Cell Banks

We demonstrate a platform combination of Solentim instrumentation (the VIPS) and soluble matrix (MatriClone, based on laminin) for the high-efficiency, high-viability single-cell cloning of iPSCs to form the Master Cell Bank.

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VIPS Single Cell Seeder

Verified in-situ plate seeding (VIPS) takes single-cell cloning and image-based clonality assurance to a whole new level of quality. The multitasking, compact instrument delivers a rock-solid solution for regulatory submission.

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OsmoTECH HT Automated Micro-Osmometer

The automation-friendly OsmoTECH HT, the only plate-based micro-osmometer, is designed in a 96-well format that ensures efficiency and acceleration of osmolality testing in early upstream process development, formulation development, and stability testing.

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