Newsletter | January 23, 2023

01.23.23 -- Remove Barriers From Gene Therapy Analysis

Removing Barriers To Effective AAV Process Development

Listen in as Dr. Kiren Barnes explains how to remove bioprocess bottlenecks, increase throughput, and overcome common variability challenges in AAV process development.

Automated And Sensitive Residual Benzonase Quantification In Whole-Cell Lysates

In downstream bioprocessing workflows for viral vector and vaccine development, residual Benzonase is a process-related impurity that can impact patient safety. Find out how the Simple Western™ platform automates residual Benzonase screening with reproducible and sensitive quantification in HEK293T whole-cell lysates.

Lentivirus Vector Characterization Made Easy With Automated CE-SDS

Several factors are involved in a smoother, accelerated viral vector-based gene therapy pipeline. The accurate characterization of viral vectors for various attributes such as purity, identity, viral titer, and safety is critical. To address the challenges presented by some analytical techniques like SDS-PAGE and ELISA, this application note demonstrates a robust and automated CE-SDS method.

Simultaneous Visualization Of Small RNAs With RNA Biomarkers At Single-Cell Resolution

Announcing the expansion of our RNAscope™️ in situ hybridization (ISH) portfolio with the release of the RNAscope Plus smRNA-RNA detection assay. Now you can simultaneously visualize small regulatory RNAs together with three target RNAs or RNA biomarkers in the same tissue section at single-cell and subcellular resolution.

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