Newsletter | July 29, 2020

07.29.20 -- Quality By Design In Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Radiance Label-Free Monitoring Of AAV Transfection In HEK293 Cells Using Laser Force Cytology

There are several challenges related to the development and manufacturing of AAV-based processes, including characterization, quantification, and downstream purification. LumaCyte’s Radiance instrument, which uses laser force cytology (LFC) to measure the intrinsic biophysical and biochemical properties of single cells, has the potential to improve the characterization of cell-based AAV transfection and production, improving the efficiency and accuracy of both processes and shortening development time.

Allogeneic T-Cell Therapies: Efficient Commercial Manufacturing Readiness Using "Manufacturing By Design" Methodology

Contract development and manufacturing organizations need to play a critical role in the scale-up and industrialization of cellular therapies by providing customized  tools and processes. The "manufacturing by design" approach for addressing the industrialization of cell therapies allows for optimal production conditions.