Article | August 24, 2018

Proposed vs. Actual Cleanroom Construction Costs And Delivery Timeline Accuracy

Source: G-CON Manufacturing

By Maik Jornitz

Proposed vs. Actual Cleanroom Construction Costs And Delivery Timeline Accuracy

Inevitably, every one of us has been promised or will be promised costs or delivery times for goods and services. We do not just rely on such promises in our personal lives, for example having a gift delivered on time for a birthday or other special event, but also within our professional life. In certain instances, our career may depend on it. This is especially the case when manufacturing capacity increases are required, for example facilities or cleanroom infrastructures in the biopharmaceutical or cell/gene therapy industry. Not only does management rely on what has been promised, but also the patients.

Understanding the base desire of reliability when promises and statements are made, the truth of the matter is that all surveyed cleanroom and facility construction quote recipients have stated that the upfront promised cost/sq.ft and/or delivery times have not been met. Pose the question to yourself, have you ever been involved in the design and engineering of a cleanroom construction project where the promised cost/sq.ft or delivery timeline promised was met?

The other typical variable is the timeline of a project. Vendor quotes for cleanrooms typically include a timeline for completion of a project. This timeline is then used to plan all the sequential construction, equipment implementation and validation steps. If one aspect of a timeline shifts, the entire project schedule will be affected. When the project is delayed, it will affect the availability of product to the patient. Therefore, timelines given must be as accurate as cost quotes. Speed is also important because it means faster time to market and faster incremental revenue.

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