Newsletter | October 8, 2019

10.08.19 -- Potential Solutions For Cell & Gene's Pricing Problems


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Although the field of gene therapy is constantly raising questions that can’t be answered at this point in time, there is a lot to be excited about. Here's how to bridge the gap between scientists and patients in gene therapy development.


Curative cell and gene therapies are changing modern medicine as we know it, but are their high price tags fair to the patient? Industry luminaries weigh in on potential solutions to current pricing models for cell and gene therapies.


Erin Harris, editor in chief
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Industry Insights
Moving Forward With Immunotherapies For Cancer
Article | By Barbara Gilmore, Frost & Sullivan

Industry experts joined a panel at Frost & Sullivan's Virtual Think Tank recently to discuss the current state of immunotherapies, implications of research and development occurring today, key challenges, and future approaches to the targeted use of the immune system in cancer treatment. Read their thoughts on immunotherapies and the critical role for the immune system to play, especially in the advanced stages of cancer, since traditional standard-of-care therapies do often work fairly well.

5 Operational Considerations For Rare Disease Trials
Article | Premier Research

From researchers to sponsors to patients to advocacy groups to clinicians, in rare disease research all people involved must be utilized to their greatest potential for a study to be successful. Learn more about the operational challenges within rare disease research and how to overcome them.

Tips For Viral Vector Production
Article | GE Healthcare Life Sciences

The viral vector market is highly active, and the interest in production technologies is driven by recent approvals in cell and gene therapy. Here, insights around the challenges in viral vector manufacturing are shared so that a scalable and cost-efficient process suitable for GMP manufacturing environments can be obtained.

How To Implement Cleanroom Upgrades While Operating Your Facility
Article | AES Clean Technology, Inc.

It goes without saying that upgrades during a manufacturing shutdown pose less risk as there are no products being produced, but there are instances when it is critical to expand capacity or modify functionality while maintaining some processing. Following are steps to help maintain control of production and changes — and demonstrate proof of control — while keeping the involved workers and the products safe.

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