Newsletter | February 20, 2023

02.20.23 -- Partners Ready To Support Your Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Scale-Up Strategies For Cell And Gene Therapy

You need to build the right infrastructure and capabilities into the clinical process to support your product’s commercialization.

iLine F PRO Live Cell Analyzer

The Ovizio iLine F PRO provides you with improved insight into your cell-based processes by bringing real-time monitoring of Cell Quality Attributes (CQA’s).

RoosterReplenish hMSC Bioreactor Feed

A concentrated bioreactor feed, RoosterReplenish-MSC-XF & prcRoosterReplenish-MSC-CC enable a fed-batch process for scalable, translation-ready cGMP hMSC manufacturing.

Chemically Defined, Safe And Effective Cryopreservation

Learn the key benefits of a proprietary cryopreservation media intended for preserving cell and gene therapies for regenerative medicine applications.

ultraDAWN Real-Time Multi-Angle Light Scattering

ultraDAWN measures multi-angle light scattering and reports the results – molecular weight, size and particle concentration – in real time.

Gene Therapies: Building Facilities, Commercializing Product And Industrializing The Footprint

A clinical-stage company was focused on bringing their gene therapy from the lab into a clinical setting for patients and families devastated by rare neurological genetic diseases. They needed a partner to help them pioneer the industrialization of gene therapies and build a cutting-edge manufacturing facility using modular cleanrooms, emerging bioreactors and single-use technologies for the clinical and commercial manufacture of a life-saving gene therapy for a rare neurological disease.

Single Use Components For Bioprocessing Applications

With over 5,000 in-stock components available off the shelf and an in-house product development team that can work with you on custom products, we can help you with all of your component requirements and get you exactly what you need!

in vivo-jetRNA+

in vivo-jetRNA+ is the reagent of choice to deliver mRNA to various organs. This is attributable to its intrinsic properties: in vivo-jetRNA+ protects its payload against ubiquitous endonucleases, prevent non-specific interactions with proteins and promote efficient cell entry.

Where We Pioneer: Manufacturing

We bring together our market-leading experts in early development, biologic manufacturing, and commercialization strategies to address the complex challenges of developing cell and gene therapies.

NanoAssemblr GMP System: Power To Commercialize

Built on our revolutionary NxGen technology found in our NanoAssemblr family of instruments, the NanoAssemblr GMP System enables you to go from concept to clinic with speed and confidence.

Accelerator Integrated Platform Solution for Adherent Lentivirus (LV)

Learn more about our end-to-end process support, from development to industrialization with a set of scalable solutions for lentivirus production.

Health Economics And Finia Fill And Finish System

In our new video series, Teru Talks, our experts discuss their points of view on current industry trends, challenges, and opportunities. In our first episode, we’ll discuss the topic of health economics and how it can apply to your business.

Cell Culture Media Services & Custom Manufacturing

Accelerating the delivery of high quality, customized media with rapid set-up times, fast turnaround, and on-time delivery.

ONE Lentiviral Vector Production System

Cost-effective lentiviral (LV) vector production is critical to meet commercial demand, and a smooth ramp-up to clinical production is essential. To address these needs, we have created a complete LV vector production system to help reduce costs and streamline your transition from research to clinical scale. The Gibco LV-MAX Lentiviral Production System is the first complete suspension production system.