Newsletter | August 3, 2022

08.03.22 -- Overcoming Development & Manufacturing Challenges For Cell & Gene Therapies

3 Trends In Lentivirus Development And Manufacturing

Explore the broadening potential of cell and gene therapies, lentiviral vectors, and CAR-T therapies, and growing trends, including stable cell lines, more scalable upstream options, and serum-free media options.

A Trend Toward Gammaretrovirus In Cell & Gene Therapy

Examine the reasons behind the rising popularity of retroviral vectors amongst those in the biopharma space – from improvements in safety to the advantages offered in scalability.

Gammaretrovirus: Overcoming Development And Manufacturing Challenges

As an effective tool for gene delivery, gammaretrovirus has played an integral part in the rapid advancement of cell and gene therapies. Delve into the key factors that developers must consider to ensure the success of their gammaretroviral vector (RV) project.

Development And Manufacturing For Lentiviral Vectors

This executive summary covers a closer look at cell and gene therapy pipelines, choosing a viral vector, including adeno-associated virus, gamma retrovirus, or lentivirus, and current lentiviral trends.

Biopharma Supply Chain & Infrastructural Needs In The U.S.

Review four essential areas where biomanufacturing process infrastructure is lacking and the infrastructure needed to enable scalable, cost-effective, rapidly deployable, and adaptive biomanufacturing for the future.

Viral Vector Process Development

From idea to bench and bench to trial, we leverage over a decade of experience in viral vector process development and manufacturing services. We deliver flexible and scalable process development and optimization support that molds to your needs and keeps commercialization front of mind.

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