Modular PODs For Personalized Medicine (Cell Therapy | Gene Therapy | Autologous Vaccine)

PODs For Personalized Medicine

PODs can be utilized in a multitude of applications including: monoclonal antibodies, vaccine or recombinant proteins, personalized medicines, cell and gene therapy and even laboratory use. The utilization of single-use processing equipment within the POD creates the most flexible production platform available. PODs can either be dedicated to a process step or employed as a small volume total process containment solution, involving either glove boxes or isolators within the POD.

Since PODs can be easily decontaminated, POD processes can be used for multi-product purposes. The different sizes and customizable options make PODs a solution for every product development stage.

In addition, PODs are repurposeable which allows them to be leased, re-used, and/or sold.

Features and Benefits:

  • Scaling without interruption
  • Opportunity to delay time to investment
  • Unidirectional flow and corridor incorporated
  • Requires only large "gray space"
  • Multi-product processing

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