Newsletter | March 23, 2020

03.23.20 -- Modernizing Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Cell Therapy Manufacturing Under GMP — How And When To Get Started

When working with sensitive biological materials, achieving GMP compliance comes with unique challenges. Gain insight and strategies from experts for bringing GMP guidelines into cell therapy manufacturing.

Translating Biopharma Knowledge To Cell And Gene Therapies
A collaborative, industry-wide effort is needed to make cell therapies a mainstay of clinical care. Learn why the best in automation, digital technologies, and supply chain management must be brought together to develop an effective and efficient solution for delivering life-saving treatments to patients in need.
Automating Cell Therapy Manufacturing For GMP Compliance And Consistency
Manual operations do not support the sterility, traceability, and consistency required for cell therapy production. Automation has the potential to increase process efficiency and scalability while reducing risk with real-time monitoring, alerts, and batch tracking. New, easily integrated automation software is making more secure, streamlined operations a possibility.
Cell Therapy Manufacturing: The Supply Chain Challenge
When using a patient’s own cells to manufacture treatment, consistency and traceability is essential. Automation is needed to effectively scale this highly personalized workflow and maintain a robust supply chain. When production demands increase, outsourcing can help companies achieve streamlined, automated processing in a timely manner.
How Pairing Data Connectivity And Comprehensive Automation Ease Tech Transfer And Scale-Up

Automated instruments support one part of a process, but cell therapy workflows need increased connectivity. Learn more about the broad benefits of comprehensive automation solutions that span facility-wide operations and facilitate continuous operations to maximize efficiency and utilization.

Automated cell therapy solutions from GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Cell therapy production is complex — a digital platform can help. With electronic batch records, real-time alerts, facility-wide tracking, and supply chain management tools, Chronicle automation software keeps you close to your process and supports regulatory compliance. From pre-GMP to enterprise, Chronicle software scales with you as you grow.