Newsletter | June 23, 2020

06.23.20 -- Inside The Time-Critical Nature Of Cell Therapy Packaging, Labeling


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As manufacturers prepare to bring hundreds of novel therapies for rare diseases into formulary management they should also aim to meet a new standard for developing and implementing patient support services. Read on to learn why successful treatment options for rare diseases demand innovative, compliant patient services programs.


Developing cell therapy packaging and labeling is a time-critical activity. Learn how cell therapy companies can ensure their products will be ready to ship immediately upon approval, providing life-saving drugs to patients as quickly as possible.


Erin Harris, editor in chief
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Industry Insights
What You Need To Know About Process Characterization And Validation For Biologic Processes

Using a risk-based approach to generate an appropriate control strategy will help ensure your product meets characterization and validation requirements, enabling timely approval and launch to market.

Organs On Chips: Solving Persistent Pharmacokinetic Problems

For many years, a rather insistent, expensive problem has been plaguing pharmacology — it’s quite tricky to understand the pharmacokinetics of new drugs without giving them to someone. Organs-on-chips, the specialty of Dr. Dan Tagle at the NIH, could be the answer.

Biocontainment: An Introduction To Control Levels And Practical Design Concepts

This article covers the physical application of GMP design practices as influenced by the CDC and NIH regulations. The first part discusses various processes and their applicable BSL levels to understand the risk levels and what types of processes must be contained.

Scale Your Bioproduction With Large-Format High-Flow Connectors

Looking to scale up your liquid bioprocessing and decrease transfer times? Learn how high-flow, genderless, large-format connectors make scale and efficiency easy and reliable.

Downstream Process Development For Efficient Purification Of Adenovirus

Here, we describe the development of two effective downstream processes for purification of adenovirus from cell culture harvest.

Single-Vendor CDMOs Bring Speed And Cost Savings To The Table

As drug developers face the ever-pressing need to get molecules to market as efficiently as possible, firms large and small are increasingly turning to CDMOs for help.

Quality-By-Design Approach To Manufacturing Cell And Gene Therapies

Implementation of a manufacturing process that assures a predefined quality of product is a critical requirement for the licensing and marketing of every cell and gene therapy (CGT) product. Learn how incorporating quality by design (QbD) principles at an appropriate stage of development of the product can be significantly advantageous.

Confronting The Challenges Of Rare Disease

This paper is intended as a discussion of the commonly encountered hurdles in studying rare diseases and how a cohesive and holistic approach can mitigate issues and help bring new treatments to patients.