Newsletter | October 13, 2020

10.13.20 -- Inside Audentes' Future Manufacturing Facility

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Audentes’ Sanford, NC, future facility, which will manufacture the company’s portfolio of adeno-associated virus-based gene therapies aimed at targeting serious rare neuromuscular diseases, is slated to be operational next year. Donald Wuchterl, Audentes’ senior vice president, technical operations, talked to me about the best practices he and his team have implemented thus far.


In a prerecorded talk, Anthony Fauci, M.D., director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, kicked off ASGCT’s COVID-19 Symposium with a keynote address, on September 15. ASGCT’s Edith Pfister, Ph.D., explains the keynote address in detail and how it affects the cell and gene sector.


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Industry Insights
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Overcoming Common Challenges Of Clinical Data Review

Clinical data review is an intrinsic component of clinical development aimed at ensuring patient safety, determining drug efficacy, and assessing data quality. It involves rigorous analysis of a broad variety of clinical trial data and often necessitates integration of data from multiple sources in order to extract actionable insights. Here, we look at some of the main challenges of clinical data review and discuss effective strategies to address these, before explaining how our solutions can be deployed to bring urgently needed therapeutics to patients faster.

When Other CROs Said No, We Said Yes — To The Nearly Impossible

The sponsor was finishing its Phase 3 study for an antimicrobial, anti-infective drug and needed to complete its NDA submission in just six months. The development effort went back more than a dozen years and none of the clinical studies on the drug had been performed yet. This CRO took the unusual step of negotiating a rolling submission, providing by the due date enough information for the agency to begin its review, and filling in the rest over the following weeks.

Mandatory Hub For Orphan-Designated Pediatric Therapy

UBC successfully provided its Hub services to ease the barriers to access and simplify a very complex treatment initiation in pediatric patients suffering from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).

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