Newsletter | February 8, 2023

02.08.23 -- Improving Reliability For The Future Of Cell & Gene Therapies

Reliability And The Future Of Cell & Gene Therapies

Why is reliability such an issue in GMP manufacturing in the cell and gene space? What makes this space unique in trying to improve reliability? In this interview, explore how cell and gene companies are focusing on reliability and predictability to further advance this innovative therapy.

Insights On Cell And Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Since the early 1990s, gene therapy has revolutionized medicine. In the coming years, it will continue to become more relevant in the treatment and cure of some of the most severe diseases and disorders.

In-House Plasmid Production To Secure Supply Chains

Access to plasmid is a significant obstacle in downstream biopharma manufacturing. Capacity, manufacturing instability, and issues identified post-sequencing are important considerations for companies looking to streamline development efforts. Partnering with a CDMO that performs in-house plasmid production provides the opportunity to create efficiencies.

Manufacturing Of Viral Vectors For Gene Therapy

Viral vectors are at the heart of the gene therapy process and are essential for delivering corrected genetic information to faulty genes within affected cells. Learn more about viral vector manufacturing for gene therapy.

The Andelyn Difference

For this innovative biotech, the patient always comes first. With over 15 years of experience in gene therapy research, Andelyn Biosciences brings pioneering solutions that turn hope into reality.

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