Newsletter | August 5, 2020

08.05.20 -- Improve Process Development Efficiency And Outcomes


Process development (PD) entails a myriad of experimental runs and data analysis. With the push for shorter timelines and cost-efficient processes, solutions for robust processes and increased PD efficiency are highly valued.

Approaches To Improve Efficiency In Biopharmaceutical Process Development

Time-to-experiment, time-to-clinic, and time-to-market are becoming even more important for developers and manufacturers of biopharmaceuticals. Here we give some insights on tools to make process development more efficient.

Is Not Using A CDMO Slowing Down Your Process Development?

While adding capacity and expertise can help you remain competitive, so too can partnering with a CDMO to create and optimize your processes. As you think about your next steps to improve yield and reduce production costs, consider what process development capabilities you have versus what you could gain from working with a CDMO.

Raise Your Upstream IQ

Today’s manufacturing facilities and process development capabilities must be equipped to manage the growing diversity across the bioprocessing landscape. So, how can you intensify your cell culture processes in order to keep pace with today’s industry and regulatory expectations?

Raw Material Variability: The Need For Deeper Chromatography Process Understanding

As molecular diversity increases, it is critical to understand the sources of process variability in order to mitigate risks. Read about one source of variation: chromatography resin raw materials.