Newsletter | March 16, 2023

03.16.23 -- Global Market Outlook On Stem Cell Manufacturing

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Developing Your Human Factors Risk Assessment And Evaluating Critical Tasks

Determining the appropriate critical tasks to be evaluated and assessed is crucial to the human factors engineering (HF/HFE) process and needs to be addressed with the appropriate risk-based approach.

Challenges And Innovation In Gene Therapy Manufacturing

The road to final approval for a biotherapeutic is long and filled with obstacles, from manufacturing and scale-up to regulatory adherence and business practices.

Overcoming The Challenges Of Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Learn more about how allogeneic approaches have the power to revolutionize the use of CAR-T cell therapies.

The Journey To AAV Production In Suspension – Scaling-Up Your Process

We present a simple protocol for scaling up AAV production using HEK293 host cells cultured in suspension and under serum-free conditions.

Contamination Control Technologies And Minimizing Filter Plugging

Learn about the three most common sources of filtration failures and how to prevent these problems.

Large-Scale AAV Manufacturing: From Concept To Ready-To-Use Platform

Surmounting some of the challenges related to AAV manufacturing and scale-up represents an important opportunity for the advanced therapeutics sector.

Key Challenges For CRISPR In Clinical Development

Learn how to approach key challenges in CRISPR cell and gene therapy development such as regulatory hurdles, ensuring consistency, finding qualified and experienced staff, and obtaining GMP-grade reagents.

Automated, Closed, And Intensified Cell Therapy Process Development

Cell therapy process development is nearly impossible with current tools. Discover a platform that enables cell therapy therapeutics developers to build a more robust and understood manufacturing process.

Efficient, Large-Scale Transfection Of T Cells Using Flowfect Technology

The objective of this study was to test transfection of T cells with GFP mRNA for evaluation of cell viability, transfection efficiency, and post-transfection growth using Kytopen’s Flowfect technology.

Opportunities For Ophthalmology Clinical Development In APAC: Glaucoma

The world is heavily burdened by glaucoma, which is the second-leading cause of blindness and the primary cause of irreversible blindness. Learn about its effects in the Asia Pacific.

How Syringe Filtration With Integrated Prefilter Technology Improves HPLC Performance And Throughput

In this article we review how particulate removal through filtration affects column life and how to handle difficult-to-filter samples.

Reasons For Setting Up Natural History Studies & Their Challenges

Listen as Rachel Smith, portfolio director at Veristat, reviews considerations for setting up natural history studies and the value they bring to rare and ultra-rare clinical research, despite the challenges in their design.

Transforming T Cell Manufacturing Via Elutriation With Korus

Learn more about a system that uses a gentle elutriation process to give manufacturers a cleaner cell population to begin cell therapy production processes such as CAR-T.

The Future Of Aseptic Connections In Cell And Gene Therapies

Examine open small format tubing in cell and gene therapy labs – and what technologies are on the horizon to help make more sterile connections going forward.

Elevate Your T Cell Manufacturing Process

Learn more about current research on perfusion technology for expanding autologous T cells and the step you should consider when expanding your own T cell manufacturing process.

Solving Challenges In Cell Engineering For Advanced Therapies

Explore ways to make establishing MSCs and exosomes within programs, scaling them for product and process development, and translating them into the clinic easier.

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