Newsletter | July 19, 2021

07.19.21 -- Does Your Clinical Trial Design Satisfy Patient Needs?

Decentralized Clinical Trials: A Win For Patients, Sponsors, And Investigators

Decentralized trials are poised to play a major role in drug development post-pandemic. Learn how direct-to-patient services enable a successful decentralized trial strategy and how sponsors can maximize these benefits to accelerate clinical trial results.

Does Your Clinical Trial Design Satisfy The Needs Of Your Patients?
While the patient-centric design of decentralized trials increases convenience and provides an uninterrupted flow of medication for the patient, it can also positively impact trial enrollment and retention for sponsors. Hear how a patient-centric design can influence the outcomes of your clinical trials.
Global Clinical Supply Solutions For Every Trial

At the center of every clinical trial is a patient waiting for a treatment to arrive safely and on time. A reliable clinical supply chain strategy is fundamental to a successful outcome. See what it takes to find a partner who can help guide a comprehensive supply chain strategy and manage day-to-day supply chain activities.