Newsletter | January 12, 2021

01.12.21 -- Considerations For CDMO Selection For Large Molecule Drug Development

Best Strategies To Accelerate Biologics Development And Commercialization

Gain insight into how practical implementation of innovative technologies and solutions, such as the multiattribute method, modernized cell line development workflows using high-yield cell lines, and automated systems, as well as next-generation purification resins, help to accelerate biologics development and commercialization.

Challenges And Practical Solutions For Switching To Prefilled Syringes For Injectables
Moving final product presentation from vials to prefilled syringes can lead to many patient, healthcare provider, and drug manufacturer benefits. However, there are many challenges when managing the transition from a vial to a prefilled syringe.
Small Pharma, Big Opportunity: 8 Reasons To Look Beyond Size
New and emerging pharma companies often wonder whether it makes sense to choose small CDMOs more scaled to their size for drug formulation and delivery. But how rational is it to choose a small CDMO just because your company is small? To choose the best CDMO for you, here are a few reminders to help you look beyond size.
Benefits Of 5KL Bioreactor When Outsourcing Late-Phase Biologics Drug Substance Manufacturing

When you look at the current challenges in upstream bioprocessing, two come to the forefront as critical. The first is intensified cell culture processes and the second is a demand for flexible and efficient manufacturing. Watch this webinar to discover how to address and overcome these two challenges of bioprocessing.