Newsletter | July 21, 2021

07.21.21 -- Commercially Scale T-Cell Allogeneic Therapies

Radiance Label-Free Monitoring Of Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Transfection In HEK293 Cells

LumaCyte’s Radiance instrument has the potential to improve the characterization of cell-based adeno-associated virus (AAV) transfection and production, improving the efficiency and accuracy of both processes and shortening development time.

The Raw Material Hurdle: Plasmids For Viral Vector-Based Gene Therapies

The success of using viral vectors to deliver a molecular payload into a cell or replace defective genes with functional ones is an inflection point in the future of modern medicine.

How To Commercially Scale T-Cell Allogeneic Therapies

This presentation discusses an innovative manufacturing methodology and fill/finish approaches to accelerate T-cell therapies to the commercial readiness phase.