Newsletter | June 22, 2022

06.22.22 -- Biopharma First: Genderless Sterile Connections And Disconnections Using One Product


Combination Sterile Connections For Single-Use Applications

Specialty connectors for single-use systems have been integral to the success of single-use processes over the past decade and will continue to be over the next decade. This article provides insight as to why combination connections are used in single-use bioprocessing and offers a guide on how single-use systems can be designed to integrate the combination connectors.

AseptiQuik G DC Series Connectors Assembly Overview

To simplify closed-system liquid processing, biopharmaceutical manufacturers have long wanted the ability to connect and disconnect tubing aseptically using a single, sterile connection technology. In this video we review how assembling is a quick and easy three-step process using the AseptiQuik G DC Connector — flip, click, and pull.

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AseptiQuik G DC Series Connectors

The AseptiQuik G DC Series Connector is an all-in-one, genderless, single-use connection technology to offer both a sterile connection and a sterile disconnection. With the AseptiQuik G DC Connector, manufacturers can make quick and easy sterile connections and disconnections — even in non-sterile environments.

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