Newsletter | November 15, 2023

11.15.23 -- Avoid Loss And Contamination Of Oligos For C>

Monitoring Industry Contamination Down To Single Particle Level

Examine the benefit of using fluoropolymer film bags for the handling and storage of high-value oligonucleotides-based payloads. In this study, ssDNA aptamer was used in a storage buffer and placed into the bags to observe DNA loss and bag performance.

Optimize DNA Storage Using Dedicated Fluoropolymer Film

Discover how to integrate appropriate materials and tools for handling oligonucleotides, optimize DNA storage using dedicated fluoropolymer film for cell and gene therapy products, perform complex biochemical reactions in bags, and use highly sensitive assays for nucleic acid and particle contamination detection and prevention.

Is Your Single-Use Solution Ready For Production?

New, high-performance fluid handling systems and technologies are in demand for biomanufacturing. These new modalities come with risks, such as synthetic DNA contamination from DNA or RNA fragments. An alternative to traditional polyethylene bags is offering cell and gene therapy manufacturers a solution to contamination concerns.

Particulate Contamination Levels In Single-Use Systems

Security concerns regarding single-use components and their potential impact on biomanufacturing, storage, and transportation of high-value final products are under a growing amount of scrutiny. Take a deeper look into material adsorption of mRNA-encapsulated LNP formulation by comparing the Aramus fluoropolymer bag to commonly used glass vials and polypropylene cryotubes.


Aramus Shaped 2D Single-Use Bags

These single-use bags come in custom shapes, sizes, and assembly configurations to optimize your process and meet your most challenging requirements.

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