Newsletter | August 4, 2020

08.04.20 -- ARM's Janet Lambert Talks Value-Based Reimbursement

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The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine's Janet Lynch Lambert explains why payors, policymakers, and other stakeholders must implement the infrastructure necessary to ensure broad patient access and appropriate value-based reimbursement.


In-house manufacturing positives include ownership of supply channels, greater agility in process troubleshooting, and the corporate knowledge base that will allow for improved oversite of contractors or future in-house scale-up. Here’s how one company is succeeding at in-house manufacturing.


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Industry Insights
Robust Harvest Clarification For Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors Via Depth Filtration

This article demonstrates that depth filters clarify adeno-associated viral (AAV) vectors, helping to overcome the unique separation challenges presented by these important vectors for gene therapy.

6 Misconceptions About Automating Cell Therapy Manufacturing

To help you move into a digitized world, here are six common misconceptions that can potentially hinder your ability to successfully execute a management execution system (MES) for cell therapy.

Managing Demand Uncertainty In Biologics Production

How starting early, building options into your process, understanding the lead times, and continuing to evaluate your strategy can reduce uncertainty in your plans.

Operating A Pharmaceutical HVAC System In A Post COVID-19 Environment

Both newly designed and retrofitted HVAC systems can be effective in mitigating the airborne transmission of COVID-19 and other pathogens. 

The Excel Problem: Picking The Right Tool For Product-Process Data Management

Already have existing systems? PIMS rapidly integrates with multiple commercial products and proprietary solutions to provide your organization with industry-leading data management and analytics that can be deployed in hours.

Controlling Complexity (Not Cost) Of Advanced Therapy Supply Chains

Due to the short shelf life and clinical criticality of advanced therapies, their supply chains are often highly complex.  Once efficacy and safety are demonstrated, the focus of advanced therapy developers moves to controlling cost.  However, the biggest cost within the supply chain is caused by its complexity. In this article, we will share why the advanced therapy supply chain is so complex and how this complexity correlates to cost.

Tips For Viral Vector Production

These scalable and cost-efficient processes for GMP manufacturing environments address viral vector manufacturing challenges.

Targeted Therapies Drive Need For Flexible, Small-Volume Manufacturing

Biologics, orphan drugs, and precision medicine are on the rise, and that means some big changes for drug development and manufacturing companies.

Digitization Of The Supply Chain: Challenges In Scaling Up Cell And Gene Therapy

This white paper discusses the unique biopharmaceutical supply chain challenges of cell and gene (C&G) therapy logistics and recommends forward-thinking solutions to address them. Successfully overcoming these logistical challenges is essential in order to scale up C&G therapies to treat large numbers of patients worldwide.

Custom Designed Clinical Manufacturing Cleanrooms For Penn Medicine’s Cell And Gene Therapy Operations

A GMP manufacturing suite was developed that included a custom-designed and constructed clinical manufacturing cleanroom core for producing PENN Medicine's cell and gene therapy candidates.

Resilient Plastics In The Cold Chain

Single-use plastics are susceptible to the cold temperatures required to keep biologics inert, leading to bag failure and product loss in cold supply chains. Single-layer films are changing the game.

Turnkey Modular Facility Platform Solutions For The Biomanufacturing Industry, Part 1

In this virtual roundtable, the creators of iCON, G-CON Manufacturing and Integrated Project Services – IPS, along with their collaborating partner, Asgard Cleanroom Solutions, hold an open discussion, answering your frequently asked questions about the industry’s first turnkey modular facility platform.