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04.09.19 -- ARM's CEO Recaps Cell & Gene Investor Day


Here's what I have for you this week, Cell & Gene readers:


I caught up with ARM’s CEO and Cell & Gene Editorial Advisory Board member, Janet Lambert, to discuss 2019 Cell and Gene Investor Day's top takeaways, the near-term financing opportunities discussed at the event, and more.


As the second wave of CAR-T therapies comes to market in the next five years, their manufacturers will need to anticipate and prepare to address many of the same commercial challenges as their predecessors, as well as several additional ones. Here are four strategies for success in the CAR-T 2.0 marketplace.


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Industry Insights
Cell And Gene Therapies: SUT Connection Lessons From Biotech
Article | By Derek Pendlebury, CPC

Single-use connection technologies are expected to play a critical role in the commercial manufacturing of cell and gene therapies. Learn about the types of connection technologies and selection considerations.

Can A Shared Biomanufacturing Facility Be The Answer To The Demand Forecasting Dilemma?
Article | By David Radspinner, et al., GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Using a shared biomanufacturing facility, a biomanufacturer can minimize its investment while mitigating the risks of demand uncertainty and maximizing time-to-market.

Reliable Single-Cell Sorting With Bio-Rad’s S3e Cell Sorter
Application Note | By Joyce Lee, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

A demonstration of a simple workflow to verify the reliability of the S3e Cell Sorter in sorting single cells. Using this method, confirmed sorting accuracies of >94 percent and 100 percent for single cells and single beads is achieved, respectively.


Just announced! The keynote speaker at the DIA 2019 Global Annual Meeting will be Gary H. Gibbons, M.D., director, NHLBI, NIH. We are very excited to have Dr. Gibbons alongside our other expert speakers in regulatory, industry, patient advocacy, academia, and more. Our program is now live. Start creating your agenda today!

An Introduction To The VIA Thaw Dry Automated Thawer
GE Healthcare Life Sciences
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