Newsletter | January 13, 2021

01.13.21 -- Advances In COVID-19 Vaccine Development | Emergence Of An mRNA Vaccine Platform

Can mRNA Disrupt The Biopharma Industry?

As companies race to develop a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, a newer and promising type of vaccine has emerged as a leader — mRNA. But with its revolutionary potential, there also come challenges. Read more about this emerging technology and the role it is playing in the fight against COVID-19 in this article.

Accelerate Process Intensification For Viral Vaccine Manufacturing

Intensified processing enables viral-based vaccine (VBV) manufacturers to utilize single-use technologies and manufacturing facilities with increasingly smaller footprints, which could be used to rapidly produce vaccines for the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. However, it does require upstream and downstream tools that are capable of culturing and processing high cell densities and high virus titers.

Success At Speed: Best Practices To Accelerate Vaccine Development

In a pandemic, speed-to-market is as critical as safety and efficacy. Sartorius brought their top minds in vaccine manufacturing together and discussed best practices to accelerate processes from vaccine development to distribution. This e-book is a collection of articles documenting each step in the journey and how technology and partnerships make the difference in getting medicines to patients when they need them most. 

mRNA — The Vaccine Technology Explained In Short

With two mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines coming to market, this innovative platform is delivering on its promise of a safer, faster, more efficacious approach to vaccine manufacturing. mRNA has the potential to revolutionize the vaccine industry and holds a promising pipeline ranging from cancer application to indications with unmet needs, such as HIV or Zika. Watch this brief video and explore the science behind mRNA vaccines.