Newsletter | September 2, 2020

09.02.20 -- Achieving Process Excellence For Gene Therapy

Robust Harvest Clarification For Adeno-Associated Viral (AAV) Vectors Via Depth Filtration

Viral vectors are used to manufacture gene therapies and gene-modified cell therapies, and hundreds of clinical trials are currently underway to investigate potential new gene and cell therapy drug candidates. This article demonstrates that depth filters clarify AAV vectors, helping to overcome the unique separation challenges presented by these important vectors for gene therapy.

Optimization, Validation, And Implementation Of Retroviral Retentive Filters For Production Of Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV)

Viral contamination is a risk for all biotechnology products. Establishing robust viral removal/inactivation steps mitigates the risk of adventitious and endogenous viral contamination and is essential for ensuring the safety of gene therapy products. Recent studies have shown that viral retentive filtration is one of the most robust steps in removing all types of viruses. 

Consideration Of A Platform Lentivirus Harvest Clarification Process For Cell And Gene Therapy

One of the new technologies emerging in the biotech manufacturing market is the use of viral vectors for cell and gene therapy. One commonly used viral vector in this space is lentivirus, due to its robustness to package and deliver target DNA. This work explores a variety of lentivirus harvest clarification options and items for consideration during manufacturing platform development of viral therapy production using suspension cell lines.

Intensified Virus Purification: Better, Faster, Virus Production

Viruses are widely used in many vaccines and therapies. Despite the difference in application there are similar process challenges. Learn how to overcome those challenges in this video.

Downstream Process Intensification For Virus Purification

With the rise of gene therapy as a promising treatment modality, the industry is facing increasing pressure to decrease overall manufacturing costs, shorten product development timelines, and increase production. This webinar focuses on intensified downstream processes using high-productivity, single-use chromatography membrane adsorbers.