Newsletter | October 13, 2021

10.13.21 -- Accelerate Your Cell And Gene Therapy Research

A Unique Defined Pre-Coating - Free Culture Platform For Isolation And Expansion Of hMSC Towards Clinical Applications

The use of serum-free (SF), xeno-free (XF) culture system is an advantage in order to minimize the health risk of using xenogeneic compounds, and to limit the immunological reactions in-vivo. Under SF, XF culture condition, a coating step is usually required to enable cells attachment, spreading and proliferation in-vitro. The coating procedure is an obstacle step for scale up towards cells therapy. Thus, having an optimal coating- free culture platform may provide efficient, user-friendly and economical hMSC manufacturing process.

Bigfoot Cell Sorter

High-speed, cutting-edge spectral sorting and analysis. The Bigfoot Cell Sorter provides power, safety, performance, and flexibility for your lab

OsmoTECH® PRO Multi-Sample Micro-Osmometer From Advanced Instruments

Designed to meet the high sample throughput, regulatory compliance (including 21 CFR part 11), and data management needs of busy bioprocessing and biomanufacturing labs, the OsmoTECH PRO Multi-Sample Micro-Osmometer combines ease-of-use with accurate and precise osmolality measurements for reliable and reproducible results.

Cell Processing Workflow Overview

See how Cytiva products are currently used in the cell processing workflow for cell therapy.

Maximize Functional Characterization Of Your Precious T Cell Samples With The Opto™ Cell Therapy Development Workflow

The Opto™ Cell Therapy Development worfklow accelerates the creation of better therapeutics by enabling multiple functional assays to be performed simultaneously on 1000s of individual T cells in a matter of days. Deeply characterize, profile, and map your T cell populations at the single-cell level to directly link behavior to gene expression.

Bio-Rad QXDx Droplet Digital PCR: Can A Droplet Change A Patient’s Cancer Treatment?

Can a droplet change a patient’s cancer treatment? Through the use of liquid biopsy with Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR), clinical laboratories can now support clinicians in determining the most effective treatment based on a patient’s oncogenomic profile. The Bio-Rad QXDx Droplet Digital PCR System utilizes a simple, user-friendly and scalable workflow to meet your throughput and sensitivity needs. Select an automated or manual system and leverage Bio-Rad’s on-market assays or develop and validate your own assays.

Sample Prep For Research Laboratories Simplified

Pall Laboratory develops and produces many different membrane chemistries and devices for a multitude of applications. We offer products for molecular purification and  characterization, media prep, analytical  chemistry and microbiology.