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05.14.19 -- 6 Patient Access Strategies For Cell And Gene Commercialization


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Based on authors’ observations of early cell and gene therapy commercialization efforts, biopharma companies could incorporate these six things into their patient access strategies, with the goal of improving new product uptake and commercial performance.


Emile Youssef, Premier Research’s executive medical director, reviews the operational and clinical pathways that are helping to bring CAR-T cell therapies and other emerging oncology technologies to patients.


Erin Harris, editor in chief
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Industry Insights
Developing A Scalable Process For Adenovirus Manufacturing
White Paper | By Mats Lundgren, GE Healthcare Life Sciences

To address the growing need for speed and efficiency in viral vector manufacturing, GE developed a process for adenovirus manufacturing that not only meets regulatory requirements but is also scalable.

CRISPR: Changing The Pace Of Biopharma R&D
Article | By Anna Quinlan, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

“Everything is possible with CRISPR. I’m not kidding.” Reacting to highly successful CRISPR gene drive experiments that broke all rules of Mendelian genetics and allowed a mutation to sweep a Drosophila population in a single generation (Hesman Saey 2015), Hugo Bellen, a geneticist at Baylor University, summed up a sentiment shared by many. The speed, low cost, and transferability of CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing to almost any species is redefining what is possible in R&D.

Implementing Global Best Practices For Single-Use Systems
Case Study | CPC

Single-use technology has only been used at manufacturing scale for about 10 years. Relative to other technologies, single-use systems are new and experience can be limited. 

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